Pembangunan Jaya


Established in 1979, PT Jaya Real Property, Tbk. is one of the leading residential and commercial property developers in Indonesia, with a diverse portfolio that includes retail malls, mixed-trade centres as well as strategically located residential developments in South, West and North Jakarta.

The Company’s core business is the development of integrated, sustainable residential communities in well-managed green environment. Its flagship development, Bintaro Jaya, is a self-contained community served by excellent transport links and first-rate social and physical infrastructure, and where best practices in environmental management and green construction are design priorities.

Listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (formerly the Jakarta Stock Exchange) in 1994, the Company’s vision for sustainable growth driven by value generation is underpinned by sound financial management, responsible business conduct and a strong commitment to building sustainable living environment.

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Pembangunan Jaya


Established in May 1994, PT Jaya Garden Polis, was a response to the increasing demand for housing in the urban centers and to meet the needs of lower income earners.

The Company ‘s project is a planned 1,756 hectare, self-contained city at Pasar Kemis, Tangerang, which is known as Kota Puri Jaya.

Located 40 km west of the Tomang interchange in West Jakarta and approximately 10 km southwest of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Pembangunan Jaya


PT Jaya Land is one of PT Pembangunan Jaya’s subsidiaries in the property sector, which focuses on property management and residential development in Sidoardjo, East Jaya.

Owning a total of 537 hectares at Puri Surya Jaya in Sidoardjo as well as Gedung Jaya, PT Jaya Land also manages Senen I-II, Gedung Jaya (office building) and Kemang Jaya Apartment (apartments) and has strategic land banks in Central Jakarta.

Pembangunan Jaya

PT. Jaya Metro

Factors that influence the development of cities in Indonesia is the population of both natural and migration from rural to urban areas. The pressure of population increase resulted in the increasing need for various facilities and city services. There are limitations to a variety of things lead to urban problems become difficult to solve. Semarang city as one big city can not be separated from the problem. Several development centers will grow in line with potential and physical characteristics of the city. Characteristics possessed is hilly to 60%, 15% lowlands, 25% plateau. The slope reaches 40% on the edges of the river were the hills between 0-15%. Potential to be developed into a useful area.
PT.Bukit Semarang Metro Jaya is a company engaged in the field of Property Development saw the potential we chose South Semarang District Tembalang area and an area of ​​± 250 Ha gan carrier, where the area is an area of ​​Semarang city development flood-free, to be developed into a residential neighborhood with a middle class, middle-low class and low class.

PT. Bukit Semarang Metro Jaya established since 1987, is a subsidiary of PT. Devt Jaya Jakarta that the majority of its shares owned by the Government of DKI Jakarta. Some of the projects that we have developed include Bukit Kencana Jaya (1987), Hill Emerald Jaya (2007), Pandanaran Hills (2008 s / d now), Bukit Mutiara Jaya I (2009), Bukit Mutiara Jaya II and Bukit Permata Jaya (2010)

By promoting innovative spirit and customer trust needs PT.Bukit Semarang Metro Jaya will maintain the confidence and spur further growth of our development.

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