Field of Business Development (Real Estate) and Consulting Services for Planning and Developmentand Tourism Regions in the Field of Busines (Recreation), Hospitally and SportsTurf through the Subsidiary. Established on 10 July, 1992, PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk is the pioneer and developer of Indonesia’s first and largest Waterfront Complex and the only integrated sea and beach development in Jakarta. Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on 1 July 2004, PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, Tbk combines a complete range of World class tourism and recreational facilities with residential, commercial and office waterfront properties.

Then, we also experienced an organizational restructuring inOADP, which also changed the stock ownership compositioninto: 20% (twenty percent) for PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancoland the rest 80% (eighty percent) belonged to Jakarta SpecialProvince Administration. The change was legalized through Amendment Act No. 33 dated 10 July 1992. With healthier organization, PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancolcontinued growing with confidence to explore the businessopportunities and to conduct Initial Public Offering (IPO) in July 2,2004 through the listing of stocks on Indonesia Stock Exchange(IDX). The IPO at once change the status of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol into a publicly listed company with stock ownershipcomposed of 72% (seventy two percent) belonging to JakartaSpecial Province Administration, 18% (eighteen percent)belonging to PT Pembangunan Jaya and the other 10% (tenpercent) belonging to the public.The IPO implementation not only fostered the capital structureof the Company but also raised the spirit to create a transparentand accountable organization to facilitate a sustainable future.

n fact, the IPO implementation was also followed by the brandrepositioning through the launch of the new logo of Ancol TamanImpian in 2005 and revitalization of a number of business units.By upholding new and more attractive concept, GelanggangRenang Ancol as well as Gelanggang Samudera Ancol wererevitalized to be Atlantis Water Adventure and Ocean Dream Samudera, in 2005 and 2006, respectively. The Company alsolaunched a series of other improvements, including to PadangGolf Ancol which was rebuilt into an Ocean Ecopark in 2011 anda clean water installation called Reverse Osmosis to fulfill thedemand for clean water by refining sea water.

In developing Ancol as an integrated tourist destination, theCompany extended its business wing to also serve MICE(Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition) as of 2012 andcreative industry through the establishment of Ecovention whichis well equipped with a 4,000-sqm multipurpose hall that canaccommodate either conference or exhibition activities. In 2014,the vision was continuously strengthened with the additionof a new "Indoor of Dunia Fantasi" area which more creativeand interesting tourist attractions for children and Indonesianfamilies, like Ice Age which was developed in cooperation with20th Century Fox and also Hello Kitty Adventure in cooperatedwith Sanrio Company, Ltd. Japan.The spirit of improvement is consistently carried out in everystep to realize the corporate vision to be a leading, the biggestand the best property developer in Southeast Asia with theextensive recreation network.

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