Badminton associations Jaya Raya established in 1975 in Jakarta. This society was born on the initiative of Governor of Jakarta at the time, Ali Sadikin, who were followed by property entrepreneurs Ir. Ciputra.
The idea came following the success of a champion Rudy Hartono prestigious All England badminton championships. This achievement inspires Ir. Ciputra to make a badminton club in Jakarta. Desire Ciputra was then submitted to the Governor Ali Sadikin. Ali Sadikin agreed, but he suggested that Jaya Raya also foster athletics and football.
In a way, Ciputra dissolve athletics and football club because both branches were considered difficult to give birth to the world champion athlete. Ali Sadikin was reluctantly accept the decision of the Ciputra, although when the Jayakarta soccer team has managed to become champion at the national level. Ciputra found for just a national champion, let the branch is fostered by others. He wants to seriously and focus on fostering sports, namely badminton able to excel on the world stage.
As a result of the dissolution of both branches of the sport, even Ciputra had been criticized and considered nationalist media. But for Ciputra no problem, he did not seek popularity, but rather seeks world-class achievement.
At the beginning of standing, Jaya Raya using the Hall A at Gor Kuningan, South Jakarta. At that time, being a coach is Retno Kustiyah. Retno role not only as a coach but also as a driver who drove the players to practice to the training ground. Over time, the training center Jaya Raya then move on to the school complex athlete in Ragunan, South Jakarta. Then, legally and formally Jaya Raya established on July 26, 1976. After Retno Kustiyah and Rudy Hartono, then joined the Pionier like Minarni and Imelda Wiguna.

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